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Data Recovery FAQs

Your data recovery questions answered by our expert technicians

What is the data recovery process?

The initial assessment of your device is free of charge. After receiving your device, our experienced data recovery technicians will assess the issue and compile a technical report of what’s happened that caused the device to fail. If the data can be recovered, we will send you a file list of the recoverable data along with a quote before beginning the technical recovery process.

How will I get my data back?

Your data will go on a either a memory stick or a hard drive dependant on how much data is recoverable. We will send your data back recorded delivery.

Depending on the size and the nature of the data, your data will be returned to you on a separate hard drive or memory stick. The package will be tracked and a signature will be required upon delivery.

Will I get all my data back?

We can’t guarantee you we can recover all the data – we do however do everything we can to recover as much as we can.

We are unable to guarantee that we can recover 100% of data in all cases.

Unfortunately, there are some rare occasions where data may not be recovered, but this should be clear during the initial assessment and our technicians will talk you through any issues that arise.

We do everything we can to recover as many of your files as possible.

Do I pay for what I want recovered?

Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose specific files to recover or ask us to discard files you no longer require or do not want us to recover.

If data can be recovered from the drive or device, all of the recoverable data will be returned to you, then it’s up to you whether you discard any files you no longer need.

Can you recover encrypted data?

Yes, we can recover encrypted data from your device, however it will be returned to you in its encrypted format. You must have the relevant decryption keys or password in order to access your files.

What tools do you use for data recovery?

We us various tools and equipment to recover data. Our main go to recovery tool is Ace Labs PC-3000. We also use MRT data labs and in-house solutions.

Where are you based?

We are based in Cardiff, South Wales and we serve customers across the UK.

To keep our costs competitive we ask you to send in your device to us and we will cover the cost to send your data back. However, if you do live locally you are welcome to drop your device to use in either Cardiff or Caerphilly.

Our drop-off locations in South Wales are contact-free and COVID secure.
We are not affiliated with any other data recovery companies and we do not trade under any other names.

Have you recovered data after [x] issue?

Most of the time yes, our team have experienced a multitude of different issues with hard drives, memory sticks and other forms of storage media.

We are highly experienced data recovery technicians and we’ve seen some extreme cases where data can be successfully recovered.

In all cases, we need to examine and assess the device in the first instance so we can fully determine what needs to be done.

Can you recover data from a head crash?

Yes, this is a common failure with hard drives, sometimes due to manufacturer’s fault or an array of other factors. We deal with drives that have suffered a head crash on a daily basis and our success rate is very high.

There is a much higher chance of recovering your data by using a donor device that matches the failed drive. Our technicians always do their utmost to recover data from your drive, no matter what caused the failure.

What about physically damaged devices?

In many cases, yes! Whether you’ve got a USB stick or SD card that’s snapped in half or a hard drive that was dropped and dented, there’s still an extremely high chance that your data can be recovered by our technicians.

However, it’s impossible to know until we have performed an assessment.

Do you offer cloud storage?

Currently, no. However we are currently working on providing a cloud storage service, so watch this space and keep an eye on our blog for future updates!

Not at this present time – it is something we are working on so watch out for future updates.

What steps can I take to protect my data?

Our data recovery blog is full of tips and advice for you on how to protect your important data and get the most longevity from your hard drives and other storage media.

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