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Tips for Businesses: Protect your SD Cards and Portable Storage Media

Jun 16, 2020

We often work with photographers, filmmakers and other professionals who rely on portable storage media such as SD Cards on a daily basis.

SD Cards are especially vulnerable to data loss, not only due to their size, but due to the nature of the devices that use SD Cards, they often contain data that would be exceedingly difficult to replace.

If your business uses SD Cards in cameras, dictation devices, audio recorders, video recording or other portable storage devices, this article is for you.

Use High Quality SD Cards

SD Cards vary in price massively, but they’re not all equal. Go for the SanDisk Ultra or Extreme branded SD cards over the cheaper varieties on eBay and Amazon.

Keep Micro SD Cards inside an adapter

They’re just too small! Micro SD Cards are popular because they’re small enough to fit into a device without being too bulky. However, they’re also easy to lose, drop or break.

Almost all Micro SD Cards will come with an adapter that’s exactly the same size as their full-sized equivalent. It’s a good idea to store the tiny Micro SD cards inside their adapters when you’re not using them.

Use a wallet to store SD Cards when you’re out and about

Don’t carry them lose in your pocket! A small, inexpensive wallet will keep them protected and is far less easy to lose, drop or misplace.

Transfer the Data away from the Card ASAP

Many cameras and devices have Wi-Fi functionality built in, this means you can quickly transfer any photos, videos, and other files onto your phone. This means that if you’re out and about, you don’t need to wait until you’re back at the office before transferring all the files off the SD Card.

There is a risk that something could happen to the card or the device it’s in before you’re able to access the data, so creating a copy as soon as possible is very good practice.

Remember that SD Cards are a Single Point of Failure

Are SD Cards Good for Long-Term Storage?

SD Cards Data Recovery

Ideally no, they are better suited to short-term storage of files and other media. You should not rely on SD Cards for long-term storage.

Think about that set of photographs from last week’s event that you’ve been putting off editing for a few days. It is valuable data that can’t be easily replaced.

Transferring data away from your SD Card should be done at the earliest available opportunity and cards should never be “filed away” full or stored inside a device for long-term storage.

Have a system for checking in and out SD Cards

If you have a lot of these tiny storage devices and several members of staff, it could be worthwhile designing a system for checking in and out SD cards for each use.

You should ensure:

  • Each SD Card is accounted for (if you’re buying hundreds, they’re not always cheap!)
  • Cards are correctly backed up and formatted upon return
  • Each card is correctly labelled for the device(s) it belongs to
  • Safe and secure storage of all portable media to protect your data from loss or damage


SD Cards are vulnerable to getting lost, damaged, corrupt or otherwise unreadable. If your business relies on SD Cards to carry out your work when you’re out and about then it’s worth putting measures in place to protect your data.

This means:

  • Carefully storing and labelling all your SD Cards
  • Transferring and backing up data from the card as soon as possible

Have you lost data from an SD Card?

Did you know that you can send us your SD Card for a no obligation free quote? We’re able to fully recover data from damaged SD Cards in most cases.

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