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5 Stars

Working with Aaron has been amazing. He kept me informed of the process all the way through and was honest about whether the data could be extracted or whether my hard drive was too damaged to retrieve anything.

I’m so pleased that Aaron was able to recover the data, most of which were images of my premature twin girls when they were born, which needless to say, mean the world to us.

Thank you so much Aaron, your service has been impeccable.

Alexis Charkiw

Aaron and the team were very professional and managed my expectations from the beginning. When they worked out that my external HD had a faulty component they ordered this, replaced the faulty part and then managed to recover pretty much all my data, except a few small things I had been working on when the hard-drive crashed.

I found it very reassuring that payment (even for the new part at £200, ordered from abroad) was only expected if they managed to recover the data. This was a sign to me that they would essentially do everything they could do to recover the data.

In comparison with other outfits I checked out, this type of guarantee is rare – moreover, the price was extremely competitive for the service being offered.

Highly recommended

Christian Knoblauch

The package containing the memory stick and old storage device arrived safely yesterday afternoon.

I have started to catalogue the recovered pictures (2000 out of the 10,000 so far!) and we are very pleased with the result!

N.V Hayler

Very impressed by the friendly and reliable service. Went above and beyond my expectations plus fantastic value for money! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Donna Clark

Excellent service – good communication and they manged to recover all of my data. Would recommend / use again.

Peter Malone

Great service received – Aaron truly went above and beyond – At a time of crisis, Recover My Data saved the day!


Ralph Newton

Aaron was amazingly empathetic. I was distraught with the thought of losing everything but he was reassuring whilst managing my expectations very well.

The communication was brilliant. It’s great to be able to speak to a human being who genuinely cares.

Needless to say the result was very positive.

I would recommend this business to anyone who needs this level of forensic support. They are brilliantly human and competent.

Thanks again Aaron.

Shea Heer

Simple, Clear, and tech friendly.

I’m not the best on computers but the team at Recover My Data made sure I understood everything that was happening and made sure I was happy with what was recoverable.

C Totten

After talking to Aaron, he knew the issue with the hard drive before I even sent it in!

Full recovery of everything on the hard drive and the cost of the recovery didn’t break the bank.

Thank You. 

T Ford

Aaron was extremely professional and completely honest about his service at all times. If you have the unfortunate experience of losing your data to a faulty hard drive, Recover my Data are excellent value for money. Aaron was able to recover a surprisingly large amount of data from a drive that I was sure was as good as gone.

Fahad Islam

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Data recovery

1. Send your device to us

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2. We assess your device

We diagnose your drive, discover the potential cause of data loss happened and inform you what can be recovered.

3. We send you a quotation

We give you a quote based on how difficult it is to access your data.

4. We send your data back

We send your data back on a new device in the same file formats as the originals.