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We recover data from Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Disks are non-volatile storage based on Flash NAND technology. SSDs are comprised of a number of Flash NAND chips based on a circuit board with a controller or processor.

Often the manufacturer of the controller is listed as supplementary sales information. SandForce, Indilinx, Samsung, Phison, Marvell and Intel are all major manufacturers of these critical components.

Time is critical. The longer you wait to restore your data the greater risk of possible total data loss. So, why not eliminate this prospect of total data loss by choosing our reputable technicians to resolve your SSD data failures? Don’t delay, get your data recovery started today.

There are countless explanations as to why a SSD may fail; typically associated with one out of the four classifications listed:

1. Physical SSD failures

Occurring from noticeable physical damage on your SSD or a damaged SATA/ZIF connector.

2. Electronic SSD failures

A result of substantial power surges and incorrect power supplies.

3. Logical SSD failures

A consequence from accidental self-deletion and formatting.

4. Accidents and human error

Arising from the impact of your SSD being dropped/knocked or enduring any form of fire, water or flood damage.

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Your Data Recovery Journey

If you’ve lost your data we’re here to help. We only charge for our service if we’re successful in retrieving your lost data. We operate a “no recovery no fee” basis for added peace of mind when working with us. 



Data recovery process step one - send your media



Assess - data recovery process step 2



Receive quote - step 3



Data recovery

1. Send your device to us

Using a next-day courier service, or drop of the device to one of our secure locations.

2. We assess your device

We diagnose your drive, discover the potential cause of data loss happened and inform you what can be recovered.

3. We send you a quotation

We give you a quote based on how difficult it is to access your data.

4. We send your data back

We send your data back on a new device in the same file formats as the originals.