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What’s Your Data Worth? Business Data Storage, Why You Need To Have A Back-Up Plan

Aug 29, 2019

The cost of data recovery depends significantly on what is actually wrong with the device.  The question you should be asking is what is the data worth to you and what is your back up plan going forward? The costs associated with data recovery are not limited to the work we do in our lab retrieving your data. There are further reaching financial and administrative impacts on an organisation when data is lost.

Data can be lost due to a hard drive failure, a virus, a theft or any other occurrence that renders your computer or devices unusable. Many situations lead to the wiping out of your entire system, including all your important files and documents, whether they’ve been backed up or not.

How would your organisation cope if we found that we couldn’t recover the data? Would you be able to continue with business as usual or would your business come to a grinding halt? In this blog we explain some of the risks associated with insufficient and inadequate data storage and how it can affect your business.

Stoppage Time

Productivity is the first thing to be impacted if there is a major data loss and if employees aren’t able to access the information they need.  Important information may not be available for Senior Managers or important meetings. Projects might be missing information and then deadlines and closing dates missed.  How well could your business cope with this type of major disruption? Would you just be able to walk it off or would it have a devastating impact on cash flow, potential contracts and client work?


General Data Protection Regulation came into force in the UK in 2018 and explains the data protection regulations that apply to all UK businesses and organisations.  Losing client data means you could potentially be in breach of GDPR in the event you cannot recover your data and attempt to make contact with your clients if they requested to opt out of your mailing list. GDPR is a serious matter and breaches can result in significant fines.

Reputational Risk

Bad news travels fast. The bigger your organisation, the faster it travels.  If your company can’t serve its clients or ends up as industry gossip as the result of a data loss incident, the negative publicity can damage your business reputation permanently. Some organisations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds repairing their brand after a data loss event.

Financial Impact

Is your business robust enough to absorb a major data loss?  Losing data through failure of devices, fire, flood, human error, whatever the cause, has the ability to have a huge negative impact on the business. Lost opportunities, missed deadlines, delayed business growth – depending on the severity of the loss.  Many organisations have all their data stored only in one place, or their back up is located on a different server in the same office. Putting policies in place, having back ups and a Plan B in case the worst happens can save your business thousands if not millions of pounds.

We understand the importance of your data and we keep up with the latest in digital technology so that whatever your device we can handle the problem.  We offer an honest approach to data recovery. Sometimes it is just not possible to recover your data but if this is the case we will always tell you and as soon as possible.  We provide an honest, fast and efficient recovery service and we keep you informed at every stage. If you would like to discuss your data recovery needs or get some advice about upgrading your storage solutions get in touch.

Working with Aaron has been amazing. He kept me informed of the process all the way through and was honest about whether the data could be extracted or whether my hard drive was too damaged to retrieve anything.

Thank you so much Aaron, your service has been impeccable.

Alexis Charkiw

Aaron was amazingly empathetic. I was distraught with the thought of losing everything but he was reassuring whilst managing my expectations very well.

The communication was brilliant. It’s great to be able to speak to a human being who genuinely cares.

I would recommend this business to anyone who needs this level of forensic support. They are brilliantly human and competent.

Shea Heer

Very impressed by the friendly and reliable service. Went above and beyond my expectations plus fantastic value for money! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Donna Clark

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